How can I apply for a dowry?
According to the latest laws in this regard, the woman must first go to the registry office and ask for the execution. However, it should be taken into account that if it can be concluded through the registry offices that there is any property from the gentleman, if there is no money to seize and sell it from the place, he should go to court and file a lawsuit
Which court is handling these lawsuits?
According to the Family Protection Law, a woman can file a lawsuit in the family court of her place of residence, the place of marriage and the place of residence of the man. Of course, if the subject of the dowry is a real estate (land, property, etc.), he must refer to the family court of the city where the real estate takes place and file a lawsuit there.
How much does it cost to file a dowry petition?
The cost of services and court costs are determined annually based on the inflation index, the amount of which varies in different lawsuits.

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