What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do For Me?

Having a criminal defense attorney in your corner that has worked in the Las Vegas area is a huge asset. A criminal defense lawyer can research facts, investigate your case, and protect your rights while pursuing every available legal option. And having an attorney that is familiar with the local legal system means that they have connections with others and understand the nuances of going to court for a criminal charge in Las Vegas. Our attorneys know the procedures, and the courtroom personnel, including the judges. They also understand important aspects such as jury selection and any other advantages that may be involved in your case.

Our attorneys will:

  • Work to attempt to get penalties lowered
  • Work to achieve fair settlements or plea deals
  • Work to examine any and all evidence related to your case
  • Work to investigate all aspects of your case to make sure no stone is left unturned
  • Work to protect you from any potential prosecution
  • Work to protect the integrity of your criminal history
Types of Criminal Offenses
Crimes may harm people or property, or they may involve acts specifically forbidden by law.
Criminal Procedure
People who have been charged with a crime have strong protections under the U.S. Constitution.
Common Criminal Defenses
A defendant may show that they did not actually commit a crime or that their actions were justified.
Plea Bargains
Most criminal cases are resolved before trial in a compromise with the prosecution.
The purpose of criminal law is to punish the enemies of those in power.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do the police need to read the Miranda warnings before talking to a suspect?
The police must read the Miranda warnings before they interrogate someone who is in custody. Whether a custodial interrogation is occurring depends on the specific circumstances.
2When are search and seizure rules triggered?
Search and seizure rules apply when law enforcement conducts a search that invades a citizen’s legitimate expectation of privacy. The expectation must be objectively reasonable in the situation.
3How many criminal cases go to trial?
Very few criminal cases go to trial. Over 90 percent of all cases result in a plea bargain, in which the defendant pleads guilty or no contest in exchange for a lesser charge or lighter sentence.
4Can I get an arrest off my record?
In some states, law enforcement will eliminate an arrest from an individual’s record automatically if they are not charged. Otherwise, you may need to petition for a finding of factual innocence.
5When do I need a lawyer for a criminal case?
A defendant almost always should hire a lawyer to handle a criminal case. When so much is at stake, the knowledge and experience accumulated by a professional can make a huge difference.

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